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Trick-or-Treat & Divorce: 4 Tips for Co-Parenting on Halloween

Once the summer months fade into fall, children across the country start dreaming of the one night a year they can throw on their favorite costumes to knock on doors for yummy treats and playful frights. However, any holiday event can be difficult for families once a divorce has been finalized, and Halloween is no exception. It’s not unusual for children to lack the Halloween spirit because they are still processing their new reality. As a responsible co-parent, it’s your responsibility to put aside your own complicated feelings to ensure that your child has the best Halloween ever.

We understand that this may be an emotional event for you as a parent. To help you get through this night, the Illinois divorce attorneys at Wakenight & Associates have assembled the following helpful tips:

Tip #1: Don’t Put Pressure on Your Child

Some parents make the mistake of asking their child who they would prefer to spend a holiday with. This puts an intense amount of pressure on a child that is still reconciling with a divorce and may be afraid to hurt one parent’s feelings. How can they have fun running around the neighborhood if they’re feeling guilty?

Tip #2: Plan Ahead

The most important thing to remember is that Halloween is for children. If you can, communicate with your former spouse to plan the upcoming holiday. Perhaps the two of you can compromise about who can take your child out trick-or-treating. If you are on amicable terms, perhaps you can share the night for the sake of your child. We know that it can be difficult to spend time with your ex, especially if they are currently dating a new partner. But this is about supporting your child and proving that their happiness and well-being is your #1 commitment.

However, if your situation is less than amiable, you still have options. For example, if you live in different neighborhoods, you can always agree to split the night. Not many kids would turn down a chance at extra candy!

Tip #3: Split the Night

It’s unfortunate, but co-parenting often means splitting holidays. If Halloween doesn’t land on your parenting day, you can always plan a separate event with your child that doesn’t conflict with the visitation plan.

Be creative! Think of an alternative plan your child may enjoy, such as:

  • An age-appropriate horror movie night
  • Costume shopping
  • Halloween decorating party
  • Pumpkin carving

Tip #4: Make Plans If You’re Spending the Night Alone

Spending any holiday alone can be tough, and it’s easy to flounder in depression. But if you want to win a gold star in parenting, you can call your kid before they start trick-or-treating and wish them a happy evening. They can have fun if they know you’re doing okay. Once that’s taken care of, you can do something to treat yourself.

Treat yourself on Halloween by:

  • Going to a party
  • Hanging out with friends
  • Having your own Halloween movie fest
  • Visiting any local Halloween events

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