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3 Tips for Dealing with Divorce Depression

When you filed for divorce, you probably did all the “right” and “expected” things: you hired an excellent lawyer, read suggested books or articles, and logically prepared for your post-divorce life. But when it comes to divorce, you can do all the “right things” and still spiral emotionally. After all, your life is changing forever. This is a stressful and emotionally taxing experience even when the legal process is going smoothly.

The only way to move forward is to shake up your life in a positive way. Your depression may be difficult to escape because your divorce is naturally affecting so many aspects of your life. To help you discover new and constructive experiences, the Illinois divorce attorneys at Wakenight & Associates, P.C. have created this list of tips to help you deal with divorce depression.

Tip #1: (Re)discover a New Hobby

It can be difficult to find time for yourself when you’re going through a divorce, working, and raising children. But this could be the perfect time to rediscover a beloved hobby that’s been put aside for way too long. Alternatively, you can also discover a new hobby by looking online or experimenting with classes. Maybe you can even learn a new language or instrument you’ve always been interested in. By staying busy and exploring yourself, you can rediscover confidence and maybe develop some new personal connections.

Tip #2: Spend Time with Your Family & Friends

A great way to push away the divorce blues is to stay socially active with your loved ones. This means avoiding the toxic and triggering people in your life. You can practice self-care by planning events with friends and family members who love and appreciate you. However, be careful to avoid dating while you’re still married. Your divorce could be prolonged if your spouse feels hurt or wronged by any new romantic entanglements.

Tip #3: Get Away

Despite popular misconceptions, traveling alone is a thrilling and cleansing experience. There is no better way to recharge and explore your individuality. Is there a particular travel destination you’ve always wanted to visit? Book that trip. This is the perfect time to have an adventure that’s scheduled to meet your personal needs and desires. Your trip also doesn’t have to be a huge two-week event. Even just taking a day to read at the beach or enjoy some light shopping therapy can give you the boost you need to relax and heal.

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