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Online Divorce Vs. Hiring a Divorce Attorney

Everyone in the modern day understandably wants convenience wherever they can get it. The technology of our times has allowed us to expedite almost everything and place an endless virtual world right at our fingertips.

However, not every technological advance is beneficial. Sometimes, adding convenience subtracts other important factors and considerations. This the case with the latest trend in family law: online divorce services. As plugging divorce information into a website gets more popular, more and more people are starting to see it is sometimes not as useful as advertised.

Here are three big problems with online divorce that many people encounter:

  • Impersonal automation: Online divorce systems work by asking you to fill out a generic divorce template. There are a few problems with this procedure right away. Your divorce is not generic in the slightest, it is highly personal to you and must be handled as such. Furthermore, if the divorce paperwork template you are told to use with an online system does not mention an obscure yet crucial factor for your divorce, you will not have an option to add it. This could result in a poor outcome for that part of your divorce process, if not the entire thing.
  • System bugs: No one fully trusts their computer with important tasks due to bugs, crashes, and the like. There is nothing about an online divorce system that can promise those same problems will not be present. To make matters worse, a glitch could potentially alter the divorce form you filled out, remove information you provided, or even make you miss a file date.
  • Lack of preparation: Filing for divorce is just the beginning of the divorce process. Unless your spouse completely agrees with what you have outlined in your initial paperwork – a scenario called an uncontested divorce – there will be more work to do that the online system cannot complete. When the differences in opinion are great, as they often will be between divorcing spouses, the court may be needed to reach a conclusion. Sticking to an online system will give you zero preparation for the courtroom, making you less likely to win the court’s favor and protecting your best interests.

With these three disadvantages of online divorces in mind, the wise choice may be to do things using the tried and true method of hiring a divorce lawyer you can actually meet in person. The people of Illinois know they can trust Wakenight & Associates, P.C. and our divorce attorneys, who are headquartered in multiple office locations throughout the state. We have an entire team of family lawyers at the ready to hear your case details, really get to know you and your objectives, and prepare you for a divorce that guides you to a positive tomorrow.

There is no better time than now to contact our Illinois divorce lawyers. We look forward to helping you.


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