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Do I Need an Attorney for My Divorce?

Most anyone going through a divorce will be immediately confronted with a variety of new concerns and questions that require a legal understanding of the situation to address. Knowing their rights and responsibilities is crucial to protect their best interests. Anticipating the typical litigation process is also essential in case matters do not pan out amicably and a family law judge is needed to settle it. With so many unknowns and gray areas of potential complications, many divorcees start to see a divorce attorney’s assistance as not a good idea, but a necessary step.

Why You Should Hire a Divorce Lawyer

Legal procedures of any kind but especially those concerning divorce are often likened to a jungle trek. It is an apt comparison. There are pitfalls, hazardous unknowns, and near-countless ways to get lost along the way.

Along this analogical vein, retaining a divorce attorney from the start is comparable to hiring a local guide for your jungle journey. With their insight and experience with the trail ahead, they can safely guide you through it with as little stress as possible. Since you will not be getting lost, your journey will conclude sooner than you first expect as well.

Do you need a guide to take you through the jungle? No, but it is much safer for you if you get one.

What Your Divorce Lawyer Can Do for You

Now knowing that it is a highly recommended good idea to retain a divorce attorney for your divorce, what can you expect your guide to do for you?

To name only a few of the services and advantages a divorce lawyer can offer:

  • Responding to initial divorce petition if you are not the spouse who filed.
  • Completing initial divorce petitions fully and correctly if you are the filer.
  • Providing additional information to the court during inquiries.
  • Cataloguing your separate and marital property for property division.
  • Negotiating a settlement or representing you in a trial.
  • Giving legal advice about what to do when your divorce is finalized.

At Wakenight & Associates, P.C., our team of Illinois divorce attorneys have acted as the legal guides for families and divorcees all around the state. Each case we take is backed by our decades of combined legal experience, putting tried and true knowledgeability and know-how behind all of our clients. From step one to the final minutes of your divorce, our priorities are always protecting your best interests and your comfort.

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Litigation can be complex and even the most amicable of negotiations can go awry. No matter what your case involves, the stakes can be high. If you are dealing with any type of family law issue, then your choice in representation will matter. The team at Wakenight & Associates, P.C. informs you of your options, keeps you involved in the process, and helps you understand your rights. Working with our firm means you will be in the best possible position to make sound, logical decisions that will have a positive impact on your family, your finances, and your future.

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