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5 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Divorce Lawyer

Getting ready for your divorce is a multistep process, beginning with asking the right questions to your divorce attorney. Finding the answers early on can prepare you for the road ahead and allow you to anticipate and overcome what would have been some big surprises in your case.

Here are five questions you should always ask your divorce attorney:

  1. Will I need to pay spousal maintenance?
    One of the most common questions brought to a divorce attorney’s desk is whether or not their client will need to pay alimony or spousal maintenance. By getting your lawyer’s best guess based on the available information, it can help you manage your finances in the meantime and in preparation of spousal support. When in doubt, spend frugally.
  2. Do you think my case can settle?
    Knowing if you should aim for a settlement or a trial in your divorce case is beneficial, as it better prepares you for the road ahead. An experienced divorce attorney might be able to give you a good idea as to whether or not you can expect to negotiate with your spouse and find a middle ground before needing to get a family law judge involved.
  3. Should I file for divorce, or let my spouse file?
    If you are confident you want to file for divorce, then you should probably not hesitate to begin the litigation process by doing so. Many divorce courts have a preconceived notion that the initial petitioner has been wronged by their spouse significantly enough to decide to end the marriage. This underlying assumption could prove beneficial in a number of matters, from child custody to property division.
  4. What impacts child custody decisions?
    There are many factors that can change the way a child custody case plays out, but every family law court in Illinois must rule in favor of a child’s best interests, not those of the parents. Talk to your divorce attorney early about what you might do to better support your child during and after your divorce, consequently increasing your chances of winning more or sole child custody.
  5. Can you help me with Motions to Reconsider?
    There is no guarantee that a divorce court will rule in your favor or decide matters exactly to your liking. With a Motion to Reconsider, you can bring new, relevant information to the judge, ask them to review the case result, and possibly decide differently and to your advantage. Working with a divorce lawyer who can help you from start to finish, including Motions to Reconsider, will prepare your case for anything.

Do you want to file for divorce but do not know where to begin? You can come to Wakenight & Associates, P.C. and talk to our Illinois divorce lawyers about what to do next. Backed by decades of total legal experience and happy client testimonials, you can feel confident in relying on us to help you navigate the divorce process and protect your interests and goals.

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