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Blog Posts in March, 2017

  • What is Separate Property?

    Several important issues must be addressed in a divorce, from spousal and child support to property division. These issues all have the potential to be quite contentious due to the inherent complexities that come with fairly dividing a couple’s life, especially when you take into account the emotional weight of the situation. When it comes to dividing property, there are two types, one of ...
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  • Concerns in High-Asset Divorces

    One of the things that can complicate a divorce is dividing assets. In Illinois, property is separated into marital and separate property. Everything under the umbrella of “marital” is then split as equitably as possible between the spouses. However, this can be complicated with people of high net worth. Those of high net worth are typically considered individuals who have at least $1 ...
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  • How to Talk to Your Kids About Divorce

    Divorce is rarely easy, but what can make it even harder is having children. Kids sometimes rarely consider their parents’ relationship status, unless the fighting is particularly loud and disruptive. They can often look at their parents as a single unit, a wall of love and protection that is as solid as it is seemingly permanent. However, almost half of all marriages end in divorce. What ...
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  • What is "Wasteful Dissipation" of Marital Assets?

    In a divorce, the most frequently fought over issue is, of course, money. Whether financial problems were the primary cause of the divorce, or your spouse made a habit of hiding assets, and spending recklessly, there is no doubt money can be a force to be reckoned with for divorcing couples, causing the process to draw out much longer than it should. If you believe your spouse might be wasting ...
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