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Questions to Consider Before Hiring a Child Custody Attorney

One of the things that can make divorce extremely difficult is deciding on child custody. You and your spouse both love your kids and want to spend as much time with them as possible, but courts will likely try and distribute the time between you as evenly as possible. If you and your spouse can’t agree on a child custody arrangement, you might have to let the court decide. This often involves hiring an attorney who can represent you and your interests in the proceedings. Before deciding on a lawyer, however, there are a few questions you should consider beforehand.

How Are Your Financial Resources?

Hiring an attorney can be relatively expensive, particularly if you are relying on him or her through most of the divorce proceeding. Child custody lawyers, in particular, can be costly, depending on how long the proceedings take and which state you live in. Before hiring a lawyer, make sure you consider how much you are likely to pay and how much you can afford. Those who can’t afford to hire an attorney can sometimes be entitled to free legal aid or low-cost representation through the family court. In other jurisdictions, the court may base your entitlement to free representation on how much money you make currently.

How Complex Is Your Case?

Simple cases are rarely worth the effort of hiring two attorneys to duke it out in court, which is why couples can often rely on one negotiator to help them work out the details of their child custody. For other matters, however, a child custody lawyer is exactly who you need. Complex cases such as interstate custody often involve a complicated intersection of different state custody laws. If you don’t feel you can represent yourself and your case for custody adequately, it’s best to hire an experienced lawyer who can handle your case for you.

How Is Your Attorney’s Reputation?

Make sure your lawyer is a skilled and well-prepared professional. The attorney you hire should be experienced with the type of case you need them to handle; if you’re dealing with child custody, hire an attorney who has handled many child custody cases successfully before. You can ask for references in your investigation of their reputation, even if you are relying on low-cost or free representation.

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