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Understanding the Different Types of Alimony

Spousal maintenance payments, commonly referred to as spousal support or alimony, are a major component of many divorce cases. It is very common for one spouse to have a higher earning potential or stronger source of income than the other, yet both spouses are accustomed to the same lifestyle. In most cases, spousal maintenance is designed to give the lower earning spouse the ability to pay bills, receive job training, or otherwise support them while they get back on their feet. There are many types of maintenance in Illinois, and in this blog we explore four of the most common categories.

Temporary Maintenance

When a couple is getting divorced, it’s extremely common for them to begin living separately, if they haven’t been already. During the divorce process, but before it is finalized, judges can order one spouse to pay temporary maintenance payments to the other. This can help them cover things like food, rent, and even the costs associated with the divorce himself.

Permanent Maintenance

When most people think of alimony, they are thinking of permanent maintenance payments. Despite the name, these payments can be changed or stopped under certain circumstances, such as the recipient getting remarried. However, they will typically be paid indefinitely on a regular schedule.

Rehabilitative Maintenance

If your spouse is not financially self-sufficient, a judge can order you to pay rehabilitative maintenance to support them until they can find work or receive training to make them more employable. The judge will typically order these payments to be made for a specified length of time, after which you will n

Reviewable Maintenance

Reviewable maintenance payments are essentially a hybrid between permanent and temporary maintenance. Essentially, the judge will make an initial spousal support ruling, but will set a fixed end date, at which point the maintenance will be re-evaluated. In this reevaluation, the court will basically look at the situation through fresh eyes, taking a look at the current circumstances of each spouse. They will then decide whether to continue the maintenance payments, modify them, or eliminate them altogether.

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