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Separating spouses need to make many important and complicated decisions before their divorce can be finalized. Without legal representation, it can be difficult to effectively and fairly negotiate child custody determinations, asset and property distribution, child and spousal support options, and countless other necessary matters. When spouses part for good, all the decisions that comprise their divorce settlement may have a lasting effect on the rest of their lives. At Wakefield & Associates, P.C., our Cicero divorce attorneys can litigate in court on your behalf and negotiate a favorable divorce settlement that provides you with financial security.

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Proceeding with Your Divorce

How your divorce proceeds depends entirely on your personal circumstances and family dynamics. It is possible to streamline this complicated process by retaining the services of an experienced divorce lawyer. At Wakefield & Associates, P.C., we prioritize the needs of our clients by providing compassionate guidance and exceptional legal representation. We try to simplify the overall process so that our clients can start the next phases of their lives and avoid being entangled in a drawn-out divorce case or burdened with an unfair divorce settlement.

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Each client that comes to our firm has unique legal objectives they want to achieve. During your appointment, we can discuss your personal circumstances and develop a case strategy that can lead to a beneficial divorce settlement. We want to help you prepare for the next positive chapter in your life.

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