Private School Tuition & Child Support Payments

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The primary purpose of child support is to provide minors with financially-stableliving environments that encompass their basic living needs. Calculatingand establishing the guidelines of child support payments is an importantfacet of many divorce settlements.

Basic living expenses include:

  • Clothing
  • Shelter
  • Food
  • Educational expenses
  • Health care (circumstantially)

The Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (IMDMA) makes specialprovisions regarding the education of children. For example, the courthas the option of awarding payments that support a child through highschool and college. However, child support doesn’t necessarily coverextracurricular activities or clubs that could help a child enter college.Likewise, there is no provision stating that child support payments areintended to cover private school tuition.

If both parents are in agreement, then child support options can be arrangedor modified to support private school tuition. However, the court mayneed to intervene if parents can’t come to an accord. Dependingon certain factors, a judge may require a non-custodial parent to contributehalf of the private school tuition payments.

There are two important factors the court needs to consider before makinga judgement. First, the court must review the financial situations ofboth parties. If a noncustodial parent can’t afford to pay the tuitioncosts, then alternative schooling options may need to be considered.

Another important factor for the court to ponder is what schooling thechild had prior to the divorce. The intention of the court is to makedecisions that prioritize the needs of minor children. Divorce often hasa negative impact on a child’s mental and emotional wellbeing, and,in many cases, a familiar school filled with recognizable teachers andfriends provides a sense of stability. As such, the court may award additionalchild support to the custodial parent to keep the child in a familiarschool setting. Again, this is also dependent on the financial situationsof both parents.

Seek Legal Guidance

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