Parenting Plans & Summer Vacation

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Summer is a great season for families to vacation together. However, summerplans can get complicated after a divorce. This is particularly true forchildren who split their time between two households.

In 2016, Illinois replaced “child custody arrangements” with“parenting plans.” These are legal documents that list therights and obligations each parent has regarding their children. One importantaspect of a parenting plan is establishing a “parenting time schedule.” In Illinois, these schedules can be flexible so long as both parentsare in agreement. A family lawyer can help you develop or legally modifyyour parenting plan to benefit your relationship with your child.

A parenting time schedule should include the following:

  • A residential schedule
  • A summer break schedule
  • A holiday break schedule

During summer, parents can cooperate and modify their parenting schedulesto account for vacations. This is particularly helpful for parents wholive outside of Illinois and don’t get much time with their childrenduring the school year.

Examples of summer break schedules include:

  • Developing a new schedule that incorporates both parents’ vacation plans
  • Splitting the summer vacation time in half between both parents
  • Swapping the residential schedule so the “weekend parent” has more time
  • Allowing a child to spend the entire summer with a non-residential parent
  • Keeping the residential schedule, but agreeing on vacation exceptions

Seek Legal Counsel

As you can see, Illinois laws are very flexible when it comes to parentsarranging summer break schedules. Even so, it’s important to retainlegal representation before agreeing to any schedule modifications. Aparenting plan is meant to reflect the best interests of a child whilebeing fair to both parents. If parents can’t be fair to each other,then legal action must be pursued.

At Wakenight & Associates, P.C., our experiencedfamily lawyers can offer you counsel and legal representation when it comes to creatingor modifying a summer break schedule. Some former spouses weaponize parentingplans and refuse to make allowances or exceptions that may benefit theirex. We can represent you in court if you feel your parenting plan is unfairand no longer represents the best interests of your child.

Our firm offers bilingual representation and free consultations.Contact our family law attorneystoday to learn more about parenting plans and your legal rights!

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