Joliet Child Custody Lawyers

Settling Your Family Law Issues

When you are going through a divorce, it is important to keep the best interests of your family and of your children, in mind. These issues can be complicated by intense emotions and fighting between spouses, which can negatively impact your case and prevent an agreement from being reached in a timely manner.

At Wakenight & Associates, P.C., our Joliet child custody attorneys work hard to listen to your needs in order to come to a resolution as quickly as possible. We work hard to help your family, in or out of court.

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How We Help

By offering guidance and advice, our lawyers help ensure that you are doing what is best for your children. The court takes their best interests into account, and any issues that may pose a danger to your child’s health or safety can greatly impact who receives custody and who can be ordered to pay support.

There are many issues that go into a family law case, including:

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