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How to Help Your Kids Cope with Divorce

Divorce is difficult, but no matter how hard you think it is, it will most certainly be more difficult for your children to cope with since they cannot fully understand why it is happening. The only thing they can see is that their parents will no longer be together. To minimize the impact of this emotionally overwhelming experience, you and your spouse will have to take some steps to help relieve them of their pain and fear of the unknown.

Here are some tips to help your children cope with divorce:

  • Do not vent: This does not mean you need to bottle everything up and pretend that you are not stressed. What you want to refrain from doing is burdening your children with details that might only make them upset. Instead of venting to them, encourage them to open up about their feelings and how they are processing the experience.
  • Keep them out of the middle of it: It can be particularly easy to drag older children into the middle of your divorce, especially if you are oversharing or trying to use them as a negotiator with your former spouse. If there is something you need to address or talk about with your ex, do so directly and keep your kids out of it.
  • Avoid spreading venom: Expressing bitterness toward your ex or telling your children that he or she is not a good parent will only sour your children’s relationship with your ex and, while you might not care about your ex, remember that this will also hurt your children.
  • Establish new traditions: Whether your children are young or old, it is natural to feel a sense of loss, particularly around the holidays or other special occasions. To make it easier on them, establish new traditions and be sensitive about incorporating new individuals into family groupings.

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