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  • Ms. Plonka was very attentive!

    I came to know about Wakenight & Associates via a random search over Google. I called the Ms. Annette Plonka answered along with Attorney Lorenz Glavez. My case was regarding an emergency petition request for a restraining order for my disappearing wife and two children. The office handled the case very professionally and on a very timely manner. Attorney Galvez explained the process clearly and Ms. Plonka was very attentive and ready to answer my telephone calls (over 7 calls over the span of 3 days). I am seriously blessed to come to know them in spite of the short time together. They handled my concern with super care and I would definitely recommend and use their service again and again. I believe Attorney Galvez and Mr. Plonka are real assets to your company.

  • Mark Wakenight and his staff are outstanding.

    They helped my family through a very difficult time, now our outlook on the future is far brighter. My sons were being abused while in the custody of my ex-wife and I wasn't sure how to legally protect them and remove them from that awful situation. Prior to speaking with Mark I was somewhat frantic. From the very first phone call his assistant put my mind at ease and assured me Mr. Wakenight could help me and would get back to me in the next few hours. After speaking with Mr. Wakenight on the phone I knew I had made the right decision to call and hire him. He made me feel relieved and then confident to take on the case. He explained in great detail how we should approach the situation. I could tell he truly cared about our well being, especially my sons. He was absolutely honest in telling me how the case may proceed, what may happen throughout the course of the case. Throughout the course of our case we had many court dates come up. Mark was always prompt in response to phone calls and emails. He was always prompt in showing up to court, dressed very well and had a presence in the courtroom far better than any other attorney I witnessed or have worked with in the past. His demeanor was always peaceful and helpful rather than harsh and adversarial. He was successful in obtaining orders of protection for my sons and ultimately securing custody and a modified JPA with child support. My overall experience with Mark and his firm have been outstanding and I will always be loyal to him when future representation is necessary. My sons are now safe and we are happier than ever. I would recommend his firm to anyone in need of a kind and caring family attorney.

  • Colleen Hurley was an asset through my divorce.

    Colleen Hurley was an asset through my divorce. I was initially concerned that the short time she's been an attorney might be an issue, but she proved herself professional, competent, and more than up to the task. Colleen added some things on the MSA that I hadn't thought of, but that protected my interests, and I am grateful to her for this. She also respectfully questioned some of my decisions (I always give too much) and we worked through them in my best interest. She's very client focused, but fair and approachable. I would highly recommend her. As for Michael, the office manager, he's a joy as well. Very friendly and competent. And Veronica, the billing admin does her job well and is very respectful of clients. As much as divorce is not a fun experience, The Wakenight staff made the experience more than bearable. Thank you!

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  • Recommended

  • She did a great job!

  • It is my pleasure to recommend the services of Mark Wakenight and his staff at Wakenight & Associates.

  • Instantly felt relief

  • He listened, very carefully

  • By the time I hung up I was smiling

  • Mark Wakenight and his staff are outstanding.

  • Colleen Hurley was an asset through my divorce.

  • Thank God I called the Wakenight Law Firm

  • I would like to thank Wakenight & Associates

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Litigation can be complex and even the most amicable of negotiations can go awry. No matter what your case involves, the stakes can be high. If you are dealing with any type of family law issue, then your choice in representation will matter. The team at Wakenight & Associates, P.C. informs you of your options, keeps you involved in the process, and helps you understand your rights. Working with our firm means you will be in the best possible position to make sound, logical decisions that will have a positive impact on your family, your finances, and your future.

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