The Litigation Process

Trust Our Illinois Divorce Lawyers in Court

No matter what your situation, litigating a family law case can be difficult and requires an experienced knowledge of the law. No matter what your situation, it is in your best interest to seek professional help from our skilled Illinois divorce attorneys.

For example, an order of protection, which gives the protected party sole possession of the home and of the children during a pending domestic battery charge, can be followed by a divorce case and a temporary custody order. Unilaterally removing the children from the marital home can result in an order for the children to be returned to the home during the pendency of the case, which can complicate matters exponentially.

Litigating Divorces

No divorce attorney encourages divorce. Nevertheless, if you are going to file for divorce there are certain perceived psychological advantages to being the petitioner, including being perceived as the party who was wronged, who is need of relief, and who is not afraid to deal with the issues. There are also certain perceived procedural advantages to being the petitioner, such as the right to present evidence first at the trial of your divorce case.

Preparing for litigation, no matter what your case, involves three major steps:

  • Pre-planning: In some cases pre-litigation conduct greatly affects the course of the litigation which follows
  • Gathering evidence: Logic will carry the day. Angry, emotional outbursts are not the evidence the Court will need to decide your case
  • Deciding to settle or fight: If the facts are clear, most cases settle. When the facts are not clear, the evidence is disputed, and the parties cannot agree, the judge hears the evidence at trial and enters an order in accordance with the law

Lawyers Help Greatly in the Process

Judges absolutely do not enjoy conflicted pro se, or no lawyer cases. There is a lot to know and the law is complicated. There is also a lot of explaining to be done and judges are in no position to explain because they legally cannot offer advice.

Even the simplest case requires an Illinois family law attorney to help ensure that your rights are protected. Whether you are contemplating, initiating, or responding to a divorce, a divorce lawyer at Wakenight & Associates, P.C. can discuss your situation with you for free over the phone.

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