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  • Can I Get a Divorce if My Spouse is Missing?

    Can I Get a Divorce if My Spouse is Missing? You want to get a divorce, but cannot locate your spouse, so what are you supposed to do? In the state of Illinois, you can obtain a divorce through a process known as Service by Publication. However, a judge must be convinced, based on a sworn declaration, that you made a reasonable effort to locate or contact your spouse. Here is what you need to know ...
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  • Busiest Time of the Year for Divorce

    Busiest Time of the Year for Divorce Couples file for divorce every day, but there are particular times during the year that experience an especially higher volume of divorce filings than most other times. According to a study done by the University of Washington, divorce filings between the years 2001 and 2015 revealed that divorce peaked every year in March and August. Why were these months so ...
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  • Dating During a Divorce - Is It a Good Idea

    For many, divorce is not an easy experience to endure and can often make them feel lonely while life is in limbo. It might seem like the right time to start anew and get back into the dating scene to combat these feelings, but it can actually end up doing you more harm than good in many ways. Technically, your marriage is not over yet and dating before the ink is dry on your divorce decree can ...
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  • What Happens to the Family Home in a Divorce?

    For most families, the home is more than a piece of property or an asset, but a symbol of a life once shared. Deciding what happens to it in a divorce, therefore, is almost always a major point of contention and a concern for both spouses. If you still have minor children, you might be worried about uprooting them and how it will impact their ability to cope with an already overwhelming situation. ...
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  • What Are the "Best Interests of the Child"?

    In a divorce, what can complicate the proceedings is children. Both parents must either agree on child custody and visitation arrangements or allow the state to decide. Even if parents can agree on a parenting plan, the state must still approve it according to certain guidelines. Most states follow similar guidelines regarding how they make this decision, however. Judges have a duty to decide what ...
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  • How Is Debt Divided During a Divorce?

    For those unfamiliar with the divorce process in Illinois, the state will usually divide both assets and debts between the spouses. Typically, any income made and debt accrued during the marriage will be shared in the divorce. If you and your spouse didn’t sign a prenuptial agreement that separated your property and income before the marriage, you would be obligated to pay off the debt ...
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  • How Long Does a Divorce Take?

    If you’re thinking about divorce, you might also have wondered how much of your time it will ultimately take. Will it last weeks? Months? Perhaps a year or more? The answer to that question varies, depending on a number of different factors related to your circumstances. The first thing that will affect the length of time of the divorce is how much you and your spouse can agree on the issues ...
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  • What Happens If My Spouse Is Disobeying Court Orders?

    While many divorces can be complicated, some can be worsened by the nonparticipation or reluctance of one party. In some cases, only one-half of a couple wants to get divorced; the other wants things to remain as they are. If a spouse dislikes the proceedings or has a tendency to disobey authority in general, it can often be hard to force them to comply with any orders a court may decide on. For ...
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  • Modifying Child Support Orders for Military Parents

    Life for servicemembers of the United States military can be complicated, particularly when going through a divorce. What complicates the process is child custody and child support. Active servicemembers are often deployed far away from their children, and they do not make as much money as you might expect they deserve. For example, if a military servicemember has a child, his or her child support ...
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  • How to Divorce in Illinois

    Divorce is largely the same across all states; however, there are small differences to note. In Illinois, for example, a divorce could look incredibly different from one in Florida or California. In order to get a divorce in Illinois, here are a few important steps to take. Step 1: Hire an Attorney First and foremost, determine whether or not you can afford to hire representation. A skilled ...
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  • How to Live with an Ex During the Divorce

    Unfortunately for some couples, moving out after deciding to file for divorce isn’t an option. Living on your own can be extremely expensive, particularly in cities with a high cost of living. For those who are forced to continue living with their ex, the situation can be extremely stressful and uncomfortable. Here are a few tips to keep sane until the divorce is finalized and one of you can ...
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  • Discovering Hidden Assets During Divorce

    Divorce can be tough, especially in situations where there is a lot conflict and anger between spouses. There are many issues you might be concerned about and your financial assets are likely near the top of the list. Not every spouse plays fair, unfortunately. Some might try to hide assets before or during the divorce to avoid having to divide them appropriately. However, there are ways to ...
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  • Why You Should Stay Off Social Media During a Divorce

    Social media has grown increasingly popular over the past decade. Around 2.8 billion people were using some kind of social media by the end of last year, a 21% increase since 2015. According to a survey by Hootsuite, around 83% of Americans have at least 1 social media account. Sharing your day with someone, whether a close family member or a friend around the world has never been easier. However, ...
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  • Can You Afford the House After Your Divorce?

    For divorcing spouses, one of the greatest assets you might have is the family home. Beyond its monetary value, a couple’s home often holds a great amount of sentimental value, especially if you have children who might view it as a symbol of familial unity and a source of comfort. You might be wondering what will happen to it once the marriage is officially over. No two divorces are alike, ...
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  • Top 5 Child Custody Mistakes

    Divorce can be difficult for many couples, but what makes it even harder is sharing children. Both parents want what’s best for their children, but they also want to spend as much time with their kids as possible. With split custody, this isn’t always possible. Deciding child custody can often be what lengthens the divorce process. In order to make this easier, we have assembled the ...
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  • My Spouse Won't Sign the Divorce Papers. What Can I Do?

    Divorce is rarely easy for anyone, but what can really drag out the process is a reluctant spouse. Not everyone expects to be served with the divorce papers, and some react to this unpleasant surprise by attempting to deny it’s happening at all. Some people even think that by refusing to acknowledge the divorce is happening, they can prevent their spouse from leaving. However frustrating ...
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  • Divorcing After 50

    Divorce is rarely easy for anyone; however, if you’re over 50 and thinking of getting a divorce, there are certain factors you should consider beforehand. While divorcing is more common these days, those who divorce prior to 50 and those who divorce closer to retirement age face entirely different issues. For example, those who are over 50 and are divorcing often have much longer marriages ...
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  • What is Separate Property?

    Several important issues must be addressed in a divorce, from spousal and child support to property division. These issues all have the potential to be quite contentious due to the inherent complexities that come with fairly dividing a couple’s life, especially when you take into account the emotional weight of the situation. When it comes to dividing property, there are two types, one of ...
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  • Concerns in High-Asset Divorces

    One of the things that can complicate a divorce is dividing assets. In Illinois, property is separated into marital and separate property. Everything under the umbrella of “marital” is then split as equitably as possible between the spouses. However, this can be complicated with people of high net worth. Those of high net worth are typically considered individuals who have at least $1 ...
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  • How to Talk to Your Kids About Divorce

    Divorce is rarely easy, but what can make it even harder is having children. Kids sometimes rarely consider their parents’ relationship status, unless the fighting is particularly loud and disruptive. They can often look at their parents as a single unit, a wall of love and protection that is as solid as it is seemingly permanent. However, almost half of all marriages end in divorce. What ...
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  • What is "Wasteful Dissipation" of Marital Assets?

    In a divorce, the most frequently fought over issue is, of course, money. Whether financial problems were the primary cause of the divorce, or your spouse made a habit of hiding assets, and spending recklessly, there is no doubt money can be a force to be reckoned with for divorcing couples, causing the process to draw out much longer than it should. If you believe your spouse might be wasting ...
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  • Are You Paying Your Attorney An Up Charge?

    Over the years there has developed a billing practice among certain Attorneys to add to the retainer contract an up charge for going to Court … which many clients blindly accept … without question... The Attorney, for example, may bill $275/hr for in office work and $300/hr for going to Court. ________________________________________ At The Divorce and Family Law Offices of Wakenight ...
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  • Six Modern Divorce Trends

    Several divorce trends that once held steady for a long time have begun to change in recent years due in large part to a new generation of people growing up, marrying, and then choosing to divorce. In this blog, we take a look at six trends that have begun to change in recent years and discuss why this change may be occurring. Divorces Are Decreasing This may come as a surprise to some people, but ...
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  • Obstacles in Late-Life Divorces

    Couples who enter a divorce after the age of 60 may be faced with obstacles that are unique to late-life divorces. Unfortunately, older couples terminate their marriage for the same reason a younger couple would. Regardless of the reason, there are complexities inherent to these types of divorces that older couples must be able to navigate. In this blog, our Illinois divorce attorney explains how ...
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  • Three Ways to Help Your Attorney

    Your attorney has a very difficult job to do. On one hand, they are a uniquely qualified individual who has the skill and experience to handle complex divorce proceedings, but simultaneously they must be able to provide reliable and personalized counsel that is sensitive to their clients’ needs. Because of the gravity of this task, it is important to help your lawyer whenever possible. While ...
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