1. SELECT A FAMILY LAW AND DIVORCE LAW FIRM - First, you should select a law firm whose business is to represent divorce and family law clients only. These law firms are only interested in people like you and cases like yours. They are not interested in taking any other type of case “to increase revenue”. They have a passion for divorce and family law. . . only.

In addition to their legal prowess, resulting from the daily practice of divorce and family law only, these law firms, unlike other firms, fully appreciate and understand the emotions, the relationships and the responsibilities that go along with representing clients involved in family disputes over money and children.

In this environment, the lawyers in the Family Law and Divorce Law Firms interact between themselves … every day … regarding all these issues and the nuances of divorce and family law legal concepts, strategies, Judges and maneuvers and as a result … by virtue of their exclusive practice and environment … are very good at their jobs.

The Divorce and Family Law Offices of Wakenight & Associates, P.C. is such a firm!

The opposite of this, which you do not want, is the sole practitioner who does not enjoy the superior input and feedback of fellow divorce lawyers. The opposite of this is the lawyer or law firm that takes many types of cases “to increase revenue”.

The concept of “Jack of all Trades, Master of None” is known throughout the world. At Wikipedia you can see how different cultures have interpreted this concept:

  • Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile: Quien mucho abarca poco aprieta ("He who embraces too much, has a weak grasp")
  • Chile: Maestro Chasquilla ("Fringe Master")
  • Romanian: Bun la toate și la nimic ("Good at everything and at nothing")
  • Japanese: 多芸は無芸 ("Many talents is no talent")
  • Italian: Esperto di tutto, maestro in niente ("Expert of everything, master of none").
  • French: Qui trop embrasse, mal étreint ("he who embraces too much, has a weak grasp"),
  • Cantonese (Simplified): 周身刀,无张利 (Traditional): 周身刀,無張利 ("Equipped with knives all over, yet none is sharp")
  • Syrian Arabic: كتير الكارات، قليل البارات ("Who does several trades, is incapable of managing any")
  • Najdi Arabic: صاحب الصنعتين كذاب ("The one who knows two trades is a liar")

2. SELECT A FAMILY LAW AND DIVORCE LAWYER – By selecting a Family Law and Divorce Law Firm you will guarantee yourself that you will be selecting a very good Family Law and Divorce Law Attorney … but there is more to consider.

County – You must select an attorney who can be successful in the County where your case is located. Out of County attorneys are “outsiders” in Kane, DuPage, Will and Lake Counties. You must select an attorney who practices regularly in these counties. The smaller counties like Kendall and Grundy, however, have fewer attorneys and an “expert” out of county family law attorney will be accepted … if courteous, humble and polite.

Judge – The key to evaluating your Judge is to know what their “tendencies” are. Some favor mothers and wives. Some favor husbands and fathers. Some work too fast and are careless. Some are so full of themselves they do not listen. Some like female lawyers. Some like male lawyers. Some older Judges do not react well to the reversed gender roles and new family units that have become more commonplace which include stay-at-home dads, primary wage earning women, older couples, same sex couples, unmarried couples, mixed race couples, ethnic and minority couples, etc.

Some Judges need to be substituted. Each party has a one-time absolute right to substitute the Judge and your lawyer must know when the random reassignment to another Judge is the better option.

Gender – You must select an attorney who listens to you and who you listen to. Do you feel more comfortable discussing your issues with a man or a woman or does it not matter? You must feel comfortable talking with your attorney.

Support Staff – The support staff of the lawyer you select must be courteous, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. They will assist the lawyer in communicating with you and must be competent!

The Divorce and Family Law Offices of Wakenight & Associates, P.C. has such lawyers!

3. SELECT AN AFFORDABLE LAWYER – The cost of attorneys described herein can vary wildly. Some firms have retainers that exceed $4,000. Some firms charge more than $400 per hour. Some firms bill you in 15 minute increments, namely .25 hour, .5 hour, .75 hour and 1 hour so that one 5 minute phone call is billed as .25 x $400 = $100.

Most law firms bill one fee for work done out of Court and bill a higher fee for going to Court. While this concept started off fairly many years ago, when one Judge ruled in a case where fees were awarded that the lawyer was entitled to a higher hourly rate for his expert trial work, it is now custom in many attorney contracts to bill extra for going to Court … even when no expert trial work is involved. This means you pay extra for every visit to Court … even to get the simplest continuance… because you agreed to it in your contract and … to your further disadvantage … YOU CREATE A FINANCIAL INCENTIVE FOR YOUR ATTORNEY TO GO TO COURT, TO LITIGATE AND TO NOT SETTLE YOUR CASE!

The Divorce and Family Law Offices of Wakenight & Associates, P.C. is not like this!

4. SELECT A GOOD LAWYER – Some lawyers actually advertise this amazing credential: My friends think that I’m great. They call this peer review. Joe gives Bob a good review. Bob gives Joe a good review ... friends helping friends … and because some clients think this is meaningful … all the friends make money.

Although some states allow attorneys to earn advanced credentials in the area of divorce and family law, Illinois does not. Mandatory continuing legal education has opened the door for this to develop in the future but for now there are no state certified divorce and family law attorneys in Illinois.

As a result … the best credentials are those described above.

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